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This has been a pretty long road.

It all started in January when i posted about a couple of features i would like to see implemented in the Hutton Trucker Tracker. I was speaking to Commander Bewilderbeest about it and he suggested I learn a programming language and try to do it myself. I asked him for an easy one to start out with and he suggested Ruby.
I want to say thanks Biwilderbeest for all of the help in getting me started, giving me a lot of things to read and getting me started down a very rewarding path.

Being able to have an idea and make the computer do something you want it to do is a great feeling and i've enjoyed all of the process, even the 3 days i spent banging my head against a wall wondering why my SQL command wasnt working only to find out i was missing a ' to finish one of the variables.

I also want to say thanks to Simoof who has really gone above and beyond helping me get the website end of this working, anything i've asked he has made happen. I asked about an SQL database and i had the details in my inbox. I asked about where to host the site and he very generously hosted it on his VPS.and when i thought that was kind enough he goes and registers forthemug.com and gives me some space on there to use, so i say thankyou to Simoof on every page.

Next i want to say thanks to the Commanders that have given up their time to help me out by installing the Alpha and Beta Versions of the software and giving me the precious data i need to get this right. so thankyou :-

Kosh Narenek
Sparkly Bum maggot
Lump RockBone
Eid LeWeise
Folco Took
Fly safe commanders o7

Thankyou Simoof for making this possible!