The Hutton Helper

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The Mission Points system

The Old system

When the Hutton helper was new, catagories were decided on to get commanders competing and helping out the Hutton Truckers at the same time. The old system worked great, and it would reward you for every mission you completed, this worked for a short time but did have one major flaw. Grinding Missions for Reputation.
Very soon after it became clear that a small group of people doing missions 20 at a time while grinding for rank could complete missions 5 or 6 times as fast as someone doing normal missions. This created a unequality and some commanders would take those sorts of missions to top the mission boards week after week. This was fine as its all 'for the mug' but we wanted a fair-er method of counting missions without excluding commanders who are not working for Hutton Orbital Truckers at the moment but reward commanders that are. After a lot of thought on how best to approach this we came up with the new system outlined below.

The New System - The Mission Points System -

Welcome to the Mission system of the future. Where every mission counts. And your rewarded for helping us out.

The New mission system looks a lot like the old mission system but instead of being based on missions completed its based on the Mission Points earned.

What's a mission point

A mission point is something you earn for completing a mission. Different Missions carry different point value, its all listed below :

**two factors decide how many mission points you get:**

  • If your mission was for Hutton or HOTCOL
  • If your mission was a Low (+),Medium (++) or High (+++) influence mission

  • How the points break down :
  • 0.5 points - Any mission that is not a Mission for Hutton or HOTCOL
  • 2.5 points - A Low (+) influence mission for Hutton or HOTCOL
  • 5    points - A Medium (++) influence mission for Hutton or HOTCOL
  • 10  points - A High (+++) influence mission for Hutton or HOTCOL
  • So What does this mean?

    basically it means by helping us your getting a point value that better represents you work toward our Faction. and the people who help us the most will be top of the boards... over someone that is grinding for money or rank


    Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, im Entarius Fusion on Hutton Discord or Aarron Cochran on Truckers Facebook or EntariusFusion in-game
    Fly safe o7