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Looking for The Guardians in Real life

Why not use the amazing Raspberry Pi to look for intelligent life?

Ive always been a fan of SETI and joined SETI@home very soon after its initial launch. I donate my spare CPU cycles to the cause when I'm not running Elite Dangerous, and thought about creating a project to further SETI in a power efficient way, I've been a fan of the Raspberry Pi for a long time and wondered if you could combine the power efficient nature of the pi and harness its processing power to search for the intelligent life that Elite Dangerous has taught us is out there, just waiting to destroy us all.

I decided I wanted to take this project to the next level as having a single Pi doing the Signal Searching is cool but not Truckerish. I bought a Bargain 24 port 10/100 switch off of eBay for £10 pounds and began retrofitting it for the Pi Mania that will eventually befall it

The first Pi is aptly named Alvin Deefer, after the glorious fluffy leader. and other Pi's I can get my hands on will be named Similarly.

As I know you great commanders probably have raspberry PI's sitting in drawers or on shelves gathering space dust I thought it would be a great project to use them on and help find real-life Guardians. If you would like to Donate your Raspberry Pi 2's or PI 3's to me I would be honored to add them to HOTSIG. the bonus is you can name it and see what it is doing on this page.

If you would like to join the Hutton Orbital Truckers Team on SETI@home have a look at the -SETI HOT Team info Here-

The results of what the HOTSIG is doing is listed on this page below:


HOTSIG Strength

2 x Pi 2
1 x Pi 3
Alvin Deefer HOTSIG Data:

Total Results Received : 1022
Last Result time: 2019-02-24T01:59:39Z
Time Taken : 13:19:07 seconds
Result name : 29dc06ai.3701.16023.9.36....

Last 5 Results :
1: 29dc06ai.3701.16023.9.36.241_0
2: 29no06ab.28043.4980.3.30.38_0
3: 29dc06ai.11235.13978.11.38.3_0
4: blc21_2bit_guppi_58406_21887_HIP20
5: 01fe19aa.16058.4872.8.35.97_0

-All results info on Alvin Deefer-
Psymons HOTSIG Data:

Total Results Received : 1359
Last Result time: 2019-03-03T02:33:53Z
Time Taken : 13:00:15 seconds
Result name : blc31_2bit_guppi_58406_06...

Last 5 Results :
1: blc31_2bit_guppi_58406_06355_PSR_J
2: 13fe19aa.13662.12337.16.43.131_1
3: 09no06aa.9540.3753.15.42.39.vlar_1
4: 13fe19aa.26809.3748.3.30.101_0
5: blc31_2bit_guppi_58406_07561_IC161

-All results info on Psymons-
Power Consumption

Switch : 22 watts
Pi's : 10 watts total
HOTSIG Results This Tick

Lael Wolfe HOTSIG Data:

Total Results Received : 239
Last Result time: 2019-03-10T02:37:09Z
Time Taken : 39:12:52 seconds
Result name : 11dc06ag.27769.7025.4.31....

Last 5 Results :
1: 11dc06ag.27769.7025.4.31.112_1
2: 31dc06ad.29239.17660.13.40.178.vla
3: 31dc06ad.22438.12752.16.43.49.vlar
4: blc36_2bit_guppi_58406_01590_HIP11
5: 11dc06ag.5301.11115.5.32.181_0

-All results info on Lael Wolfe-

Below is a quick look at the soon to be Trucking Signal Processing Monster -HOTSIG-

huttonhelper folder INSIDE the plugins folder
The Pi 2, quad core ARM at its finest.

huttonhelper folder INSIDE the plugins folder
The 10/100 Ethernet switch that's going to be converted.

huttonhelper folder INSIDE the plugins folder
I removed the plastic shell and marked out holes that will match the Raspberry Pi's Mounting holes.

huttonhelper folder INSIDE the plugins folder
After drilling 2mm holes at the marked points, I screwed the 2.5mm 30mm brass standoffs into position, drilling the hole smaller makes sure that the standoffs bite into the plastic and will not move.

huttonhelper folder INSIDE the plugins folder
The tips of the standoffs slightly protrude from the drilled holes so I insulated them with electrical tape just in case....

huttonhelper folder INSIDE the plugins folder
The Pi 2, screwed into its position I'm looking to have 3 stacks of 6 and 1 stack of 5 Pi's. (I need a port spare to connect it to my home network)

huttonhelper folder INSIDE the plugins folder
The HOTSIG machine working!

huttonhelper folder INSIDE the plugins folder
Current look of the HOTSIG machine, 2 PI 2's and 1 PI 3. Alvin Deefer, Psymons and Lael Wolfe