Welcome to the Hutton Helper Website

Welcome to the Beta of the Hutton Online Helper

*** All the Hutton Helper without the need to install EDMC

This section of the Hutton Helper allows Console Commanders or commanders that don't want to use or install the EDMC plugin but want to Join in with all of the activities we do with the EDMC plugin

Click the button below only after you have read everything on the page !

Register for Hutton Online Helper

What does this do?
This is a feature, still in Beta, that allows commanders to contribute data to the hutton helper.

How does it work?
You Click the button above and are redirected to FDEVs login page where you authorize the hutton helper to query your data from their servers.

The Login Page will look like this :-

Come on in and sign up now!


- If you are on PC and have a Frontier Account then login using the Email/Username and Password box.

- If you are using XBOX 1, PS4 or Steam then login using the appropriate button and then fill in your details.

See the example below :-
Come on in and sign up now!

If you have problems give Rampage737 a poke and he can guide you through the process.

*** There are gremlins in the system for some commanders, If you get an error like the ones below then please make sure your console/steam username and password are signed up for a frontier forums account, Commanders have reported that this helped them sign in if the first time failed, if your still struggling to log in and get the message below after registering for a forum account then please let me know on FB or Discord im Aarron Cochran on FB or EntariusFusion on discord, im on the Hutton Groups on both platforms***.

Error Message :-

Its dead Jim

If you have Succesfully signed up :

If you see All done! Thankyou "your_commandername" then its all worked and you will see your name start to appear in the commanders location page when the next commander update cycle happens (usually every 10 minutes) See the pic below for a successful sign up :-

Your all done commander!
What is collected?
Currently we collect your commander profile and Journal log. From this we collect selected events for stats gathering and to see what you're doing to make Hutton Amazing.

Can i unsubscribe?
YES! head over to Online Helper Cancellation , log in and unlink the app and when we cant get the data we will delete your code. your stats will still be on the hutton helper so you keep your place among the truckers and you can come back any time and continue from where you left off.

Problems with this sign-up process?
Let me (Entarius Fusion) know on Discord, or leave a message for me on the Truckers group in Facebook and I will see what i can do :)