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Welcome to the Hutton Helper Website
Changelog for Hutton Helper


- Added Events for Community Goals and events to make it easier to track Convoy's in the future.

- Added an update made by CMDR Psymons to allow New Events to be pushed without the need for an update, it only requires an EDMC restart


- Added Cargp Collection and Jettison Tracking events.

- Lowered the news refresh to 3 minutes in preperation for the Bento Balls Convoy


- Added Canonn's Plugin made by LCU No Fool Like One to share needed data with them.


CMDR Sporebats Enhanced code implementation of the hutton Helper is now deployed

All Previous versions are still compatable.


Greetings from EntariusFusion

Welcome to the New look Hutton Helper Webiste, all of your favorite things are here but we have also added new features.This is the Dev Diary and it will give you a look into what i am working on at the moment :


Around the 'verse in 80 days'

13th September 2019

I've spent the last few weeks putting the website for around the verse in 80 days together. Its been a great test of some new skills, like JSON file generation within ruby. This was something that I've had problems with in the past as JSON structure construction in Ruby was not 100% straight forward for me, but having to construct JSON files every minute to update the ED3D maps that the website uses was a great opportunity to work on those skills. I think your going to be impressed with the website and see that its the best looking and informative one so far. Ive got maps for all you map lovers and stats on every stage for all of you stats nerds. we are even hoping to get time lapse race data for some great video's of the event, after its completed. The address of the site isn't public yet but I'll be shouting it from the rooftops when its going to be made public.

If you would like to see a full screen Map with all of the waypoints Click Here
for a numbered waypoint list click Here
a no numbers waypoint list can be found Here


Change of Operations on the Online Helper

14th August 2019

After talking to the other developers using the console oauth system that FDEV provides, its becoming clear that the Online helper in its current form is not going to work as i intend it to. Im hitting the 50 user problems as a result of how the program pulls the data. Its looking more and more like im going to have to make another program from the ground up that is going to do similar things but in a different way. Im considering options to get this done. but its looking like pulling stats for commanders using the online/console helper will have to be done less frequently. At the moment that is 10 minutes for inactive commanders and 3 minutes for active commanders but this may need to be changed to once an hour or 2. I'll keep you all updated.


Commander Limiting on the Online Helper

4th August 2019

I've Been Wrestling with the issues of random denial of data requests from FDEV for Commanders and it looks like I may be hitting a wall of some sort in regards to polling their server. Whenever the total for Active commanders gets above 50 or so, the permissions will get revoked for random commanders. This takes the form or error codes when trying to retrieve the Journal data for the commander. I'm looking into how to mitigate this so if your finding that you need to keep signing up please be patient, I am working on smoothing this issue out.


Hutton Helper Website Version 3

5th July 2019

If your reading this then you are doing it on the Hutton Helper Website Version 3. I decided that a fairly major overhaul was needed as the website had been the same for a little over 2 years and i have been adding new things to it that made it look old.

The Old website was very Hevily reliant on SQL and would happily make 1000's of calls in poorly formatted Queries to pull all of the data it needed. Ive been Transitioning away from SQL for everything as page load times were sometimes 5 seconds or longer which in 2019 is 4 seconds too long

Ive pulled away from using SQL and am now using REDIS for Lightning fast recall of data for the website and the Main Hutton Helper Server, SQL is used for Storage and most of the writes to the database is done during quiet hours

As i've developed the Hutton Helper website i have learned quite alot and version 3 aims to bring the website up to my Current level of working, and also aims to neaten up the code, as the old code was horrific and poorly optimized, the new stuff however, is alot better

Changelog for Console Companion


- A Complete re-write was needed as the old version was not accessing FDEV's service in the right way

- Dynamic Event Handling as new Events are needed, added support for incresed polling when signed up to upcoming hutton races


- Added Events for Community Goals and events to make it easier to track Convoy's in the future.

- Added a check for threads not terminating after they are told to


- Changed the rate of Thread Spawning to look after commanders down from 0.25 seconds to 0.75 seconds

- Added a Force Recheck action that reloads and syncs data if journal dies not transfer from FDEV correctly


- Redesign of how the Threads handle refresh key times and fails

- Threads now spawn correctly and take data from SQL if the REDIS initial needed data is not present

- Added a Journal Purge option to stop Ruby Sets from becoming 200MB+ large per commander. Journal Sets will now purge from REDIS and the Console COmpanion at regular intervals

- Added framework for Oauth2 commander reset problems (Project 'Chopping Block'). Commanders would unauth from the Console Companion in bunches at random time intervals, I've added some safeguards to slow data pulling down and Extra things to help a failed token refresh if one occurs


- Added Error handling to the Executioner Thread for sudden drop outs or restarts of the main Hutton Helper Program

- Executioner will now re-enter the event it was trying to send back into the Queue if it cannot send the data to the Main Hutton Helper


- Fixed a bug that would kill the program if the Journal Pull did not happen in a set timescale

- Added Data Sanity Checking to the Executioner


- A Complete Re-write of the Console Companion from the ground up to address serious problems with the old code, used a new approach to commanders data handling

- Pre 2.2.00 Version is now offline, all commanders will need to sign up again.