Hutton Helper Download

Current Version 2.2.06

This is a roll-up release with code fixes and improvements and is a major upgrade to how future updates are rolled out. This is a critical and required update and information on the changes are listed below :

Fixed a bug that stopped popup windows from appearing in front of game window.

Installation instructions :

1) Download the Elite Dangerous Market Connector from here https://github.com/Marginal/EDMarketConnector/releases/latest

2) Install the program. you may need to enter your login details to allow the program to access the API portion of elite dangerous.
when you are done open up EDMC and goto :-
File > Settings
if you look for the plugins tab, it should be the last tab on the right, click the open button

3) download the Hutton Helper Plugin from here : http://hot.forthemug.com/HuttonHelper-2.2.06-755f5ae9.zip
unzip that file and put the Hutton Helper Folder into the plugins folder you just opened

I'll record a quick video soon. let me know if your having trouble

***Its very important that you create the hutton helper folder inside the plugins directly and put the contents of the zip file into the folder, not put them directly into the plugins folder, see the pic below :

huttonhelper folder INSIDE the plugins folder

***How to Video's***

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