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Hutton Helper Versions

EDMC Version :

The EDMC version was released shortly after it became possible to hook plugins intgo the Elite Dangerous Market Connector. This provided us with the means to create fun leader boards for anyone who wanted to take part, it also helps the BGS crew see whats going on in our systems and direct work where it's needed. This Version requites the installation of the EDMC to work and can be tricky to set up if you're new to software installation and adding things to folders that are buried inside of your operating system. This Version will work happily alongside any other EDMC plugin you have installed.

Online Version :

This is our newest form of Helper, if you don't want to install any software then you can sign up and authorise us to pull your Journal Data directly from Frontier's servers. This means that there is no program on your computer sending us your Journal, it's all done online. This version uses Frontier's validation process... and it can hiccup occasionally which will mean you have to sign in again. we will let you know if you need to sign in again if you sign up to app.forthemug.com and check it from time to time, before a play session ideally.

The advantage to this version is that if you need to sign back up and you have been playing, your data is not lost, it can sync your data back up from midnight game time all the way up to the current time.