Hutton's Operation Active Endeavour

Welcome to Operation Active Endeavour

Operation Active Endeavour

Rules and Tips


Run missions for Hutton (+ve points) and all other factions (-ve points) except for Sirius Corporation (Red Card)

Too many -ve points = a Yellow Card (and resets your mission points)

Two Yellow Cards (or a Sirius mission) = a Red Card.

If you have a Red Card, fly to THE NAUGHTY STEP (Khan Holdings - LHS 340) and drop in at the Outpost to reset.

Game points are scored for every non-Sirius mission you run.

Game points are lost for every Sirius mission you run.

If you have a Red Card game points are frozen until you have visited THE NAUGHTY STEP - you can still hand in, you just won't score.


A ship kit (not a variant, I'm not made of money!) OR 2 paint packs OR bobbleheads of the winner's choice.

Paint packs OR bobbleheads for 3 randomly-selected participants - 1 entry per game point.