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Welcome to the Hutton Helper Website

Welcome to the Hutton Helper Website

Download Hutton Helper 2.2.03

Make sure to join the Hutton Orbital Truckers squadron and install the Hutton Helper so we can keep track of all the great work you do, and mention you on the show if you do something exceedingly truckerish and special!

On this website you can see where your hard work is going and what you are contributing to the Hutton Truckers and beyond. I'll breifly explain what each section is about so feel free to browse and if you have an idea please let me know. i'm EntariusFusion in game and you can also post in the Facebook group.

If you are a trucker or a truckers friend and want to help out please go to the download page and get set up

Happy 3305 Everyone, great things are around the corner.

Home - Brings you back here

Daily Update - Your destination if you want to know how to help the truckers today. read the TLDR for a quick explanation.

Hall of Fame - If a commander has dome something truly amazing... it goes in here

The Stats Arena - This is where it happens! Commander VS Commander, your aim... to get to the top spot in these lists, prizes may be awarded in the future and even a spot in the Hall of Fame

Previous Stats - Want to find out how you did last week or before? Take a look at this page and see who beat you, or if you were king of the hill.

Last Weeks Winners - The top 3 commanders who battled it out last week to become the greatest. if you made it on to this list you have a good chance of being on the Hutton Radio show on Thursday.

The Jump List - Everyday all of our systems need updating, to do this all you need to do is jump into a system with the hutton helper running, this list tells you what systems still need updating.

Commanders Location - Find out where your fellow commanders are

Mission Helper - If stacking missions this will give you an overview of what needs to go where and what you need to buy. Take some missions and try it out.

Credits - This wouldnt have been possible without commanders like you so i give thanks to commanders that have helped me in the process of getting this off the ground

Download - Get EDMC and the Hutton Helper installed and running, and get to the top of the weekly stats list!

CMDR Submissions - If you want to look back over your last 10 submissions to the Hutton Helper then go here and have a look this will tell you what you have submitted in the catagories we monitor, this is also good for troubleshotting if your not sure your data is being picked up by thr Hutton Helper

Thankyou Simoof!! for making this possible!